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Teleconsultation in physiotherapy... Yes, it is possible!

The world around us is changing! COVID showed us many things: the importance of hygiene, the possibility of working from home, for some of us, and the importance of keeping in touch with our loved ones. It also showed us that teleconsultation with your health care professional is also possible.

Teleconsultation or telerehabilitation in physiotherapy is using a medium like videoconferencing (such as Zoom), phone, or even email to contact your physiotherapist and to have a treatment session with him/her. Yes, It’s possible! So, why then choose a teleconsultation session?

1- Teleconsultation permits access to information that you might not easily have access to. Your physiotherapist is one click away from you.

2- Also, it allows for freedom in scheduling a treatment session within the comfort of your home while saving you time otherwise wasted in traffic or commuting.

3- Because it is a hands-free treatment session, teleconsultation permits your own management of your condition.

4- In some cases, teleconsultation will be cheaper than in person consultation.

I treated a client that had shoulder and neck pain using teleconsultation. Within the first session, she improved drastically and she knew exactly what to do and what to avoid to improve her pain.

Physioproxy is here to help, do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation…Err… teleconsultation.

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